Michele Powers Esq. | Certified Coach, Speaker, Author

Michele empowers her clients to live a successful life more fully attuned to who they are and what brings them meaning.   Her experience and passion place her in a unique and invaluable position to understand the pressures, challenges and joys of your professional and personal life.   She partners with you to inspire and create your best life full of connection, purpose, happiness and abundance.

Work with Michele if you want:

  • Clarity about where you are at in life (personal and professional), and why you are currently living a life you want to (or really need to) change;
  • Inspiration to dream and visualize an incredibly more fulfilling professional and personal life – (What do you really want in your “heart of hearts”?);
  • Connection to your power, passion and purpose – the ability to get your career and life unstuck and back into the flow of creativity, abundance and easy success.
  • Confidence in your Self, your plans and your ability to carry them out successfully. Take charge and move positively forward to bring your dreams into reality.
  • Sanctuary – In other words, a safe, supportive haven – where you can talk openly and honestly and be heard. Where you can remember who you truly are and why you are here on this Earth – your purpose for being;
  • Empowerment – Get your Self back on track, whatever that means to you, and unstuck.
  • Compassion for your Self and others with the ability to live a life connected to you. A life with meaning, joy and wholeheartedness.

Big Law Corporate Experience – Not “Just” A Certified Coach

Michele is a former Big Law partner and has 20 years of experience handling complex litigation, project management and regulatory compliance issues.  She knows what it is like to work in a male dominant, high stakes, high pressure and, yes, highly political environment.    Many times that environment can be incredibly rewarding.  However, a strong professional life, where you push towards your continued success, will always have its bumps and set-backs.  This brings with it the need to recalibrate and assess your options to move forward.  Michele’s practical and pragmatic approach coupled with her coaching tools will make that process so much easier and quicker for you.

Michele knows credentials matter.  Along with her law degree, she is a Certified Life Purpose and Success Coach, by the Life Purpose Institute© an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited institution.   The Life Purpose Process© has been successfully used on almost two million individuals worldwide since it was developed in the mid-90’s.    Michele is also a Karuna Reiki Master and utilizes additional modalities as appropriate to assist her client’s progress.

The Family Side of Things – “Having It All” Her Way

Michele is a single mom.   Michele decided when she was 40 to have her son on her own with an anonymous donor.  Best decision of her life, by far.  Michele knows she was fortunate to be able to afford that option.

She also knows that there are times in your life and career where you need to be decisive and take action.  To muster your courage and jump – because you know in your heart it is the right move for you.  Fail to take action and the option is potentially lost for good.   Michele will help you get clear, get courageous, and get into action before your options fade.

Michele also knows firsthand about the stress and joy of having a more than full time profession and a family you actually want to spend time with!  (Would be easier to just work if you did not like them so much, right?)  How do you take care of your Self and everyone else in your life?   Michele will help you determine what you need to thrive and create a plan for allowing meaningful connection, perspective and peace.

Get Into Action – Schedule a Clarity Session With Michele Now!

When you chat with Michele you will understand why so many people trust her and rely on her support and partnership in resolving professional and personal setbacks, roadblocks, or life “detours”.   She is a wise sounding board and skilled coach, willing to partner with you to ensure your success.

Life is an adventure!  Successful people understand the importance of a support system to maximize their potential – both personally and professionally.    So – what do you want (or need) to change to increase your success and abundance?  Let Michele partner with you in moving forward to create a life that supports the best you – balanced, empowered, and overall excellent!