Michele Powers Esq. | Michele Powers Esq.

We help lawyers create positive practices and law firm climates where people succeed and thrive.

Lawyers face unique challenges in creating collaborative team environments that bring increased innovation and profitability.

We understand law firms because we have been there in the trenches.

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Success is a team sport!

What would help you or your child get unstuck and excel? We support successful individuals, whether a youth just starting out or a seasoned executive or professional, to create the life you desire.

We understand the unique challenges you face in today’s competitive environment. Get the tools to succeed in high school or college and as you grow professionally. It is smart to seek support.

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You do not have to do success alone.

Michele Powers is an international speaker and life changing, career enhancing motivator.

She brings an inspiring presence to the transformative messages and teachings in her work with attorneys, executives and leading professionals.

Michele is available for keynotes, lunch and learns or workshop breakout sessions.

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Envisioning your success.

Michele empowers her clients to live a successful life more fully attuned to who they are and what brings them meaning. She assists them to develop as a leader professionally and obtain the success they desire. Learning how to communicate and collaborate effectively. She works with youth to develop essential social emotional tools and skills allowing them to meaningfully engage and excel in life.

Michele’s experience and passion place her in an invaluable position to understand the pressures, challenges and joys of your professional and personal life.   She partners with you to inspire and create your best life full of connection, purpose, happiness and success.

Do you or your adolescent child need help to successfully navigate school or life?
Contact Michele to see how she can help.

Work with Michele if you want:

  • Clarity about where you are at in life (personal and professional), and what you want to (or really need to) change;
  • Inspiration to visualize a more fulfilling professional and personal life – (What do you really want in your “heart of hearts”?);
  • Connection to your power, passion and purpose;
  • Confidence in your Self, your plans and your ability to carry them out successfully.
  • Sanctuary – a safe haven – where you can talk openly and honestly, and be heard free of judgment;
  • Empowerment – Get your Self back on track and unstuck.
  • Compassion for your Self and others with the ability to live a wholehearted life.

Michele Powers mentors leaders in law, business and life to get unstuck and back in the flow of easy abundance. Under her guidance Michele’s clients create a clear vision for moving powerfully into sustainable success, increased purpose, collaborative team building and joy that betters their bottom line.

Michele assists her clients to remove blocks and create a more wholehearted life and practice. She works with lawyers, executives, youth and highly successful entrepreneurs to become leaders in their life, connect to their Self and live their Soul purpose.

Michele is an attorney and has almost 20 years of experience (over 10 as a partner) handling complex litigation, trials and regulatory compliance issues. As an attorney, she routinely represented Fortune 100 clients. She knows what it is like to work in a high stakes, high pressure and highly political environments both from her own perspective as well as that of her clients. Her background in law and business, as well as that of being a single mom, helps her understand, support and meaningfully connect with her clients’ needs and desired changes.

In addition to her legal background, Michele is an International Coaching Federation certified Life Purpose and Success Coach, a Karuna Reiki Master, and a Certified Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessor for adults and youth.

Get Into Action – Contact Michele Now!

When you chat with Michele you will understand why so many people trust her and rely on her support and partnership in resolving professional and personal setbacks, roadblocks, or life “detours”.   She is a wise sounding board and skilled coach, willing to partner with you to ensure your success.

Life is an adventure!  Successful people understand the importance of a support system to maximize their potential – both personally and professionally.

So – what do you want (or need) to change to increase your success and abundance?

Let Michele partner with you in moving forward to create a life that supports the best you – balanced, empowered, and overall excellent!